Electoral Diary Of Reginald Horace – 15th April

by richardhutton

Gave speech at convention for elderly voters yesterday afternoon. Audience surprisingly militant throughout. I had expected better from our senior citizens, and told them so. Served to worsen matters; rather than remedy them. I do really, really dislike it when well argued, carefully reasoned – and engagingly explained – points are ignored, simply because someone might have been offended. “No one abhors the nanny state more than I,” I had begun, “but my position has not changed. I vow to support those who – whether due to their own fecklessness or not, it is not for me to say – must perforce rely solely upon state pension hand-outs for their income.” The heckling which ensued was unwarranted. None of the other guest-speakers were treated this way, as I pointed out several times.

Afterwards, myself and Mrs Horace did the meet-and-greet rounds over wine and vittles. Mrs Horace was the soul of the occasion, until a former Major (retired) offered her his hand. Unfortunately, my wife mistook his intentions, which lead to quite a scene. Was simply mortified. The society pages in the local gazette today were ablaze with ribaldry – very little of it accurate, I might add. I would like to state for the record that my words were also taken out of context by this scurrilous publication. When I asked the audience “Why should hardworking taxpayers hand over hard-earned coin so that retired public-sector free-loaders can get a world class hospital to use?”I answered the question myself: “Instead, we should just leave everything to the free market, which will sort it all out in the end, and give everyone exactly what they deserve”. You can rest assured, the answer was omitted from the Gazette’s account of matters. Disgraceful; yet entirely expected.