‘The government thinks we don’t care. Let’s show them we do’

by richardhutton

Scope’s brilliant photogallery, designed to help “show the Government that Britain cares that disabled people get essential support to lead their lives”:

Britain Cares

“We are a nation of people who care about fairness and freedom.

Yet today, too many disabled people are being denied social care – help to do the basics like getting washed, dressed and out of the house. Essential support to live their lives.

The Government has a choice. Now. Will they right this wrong by funding social care in the upcoming Spending Review, or will they make it even worse by denying more than 100,000 disabled people the lifeline of social care?

It depends if they see people care enough to speak out. Let’s show them Britain cares!”

For the background to this campaign, see Scope’s ‘Care and Support Bill’ blog post here.