Honour Roll

by richardhutton

Informative and insightful posts and articles from the last fortnight:

‘The cuts can kill and we must not stay silent’ by Bethan Tichborne (New Internationalist)

‘“American Dream”: Food loaded into Dumpsters while Hundreds of Hungry Americans Restrained by Police’ (Global Research)

See also ‘Food from Augusta grocery store hauled off to landfill after eviction’ (WRDW-TV News)

‘GPs to be paid £33 per patient to assess eligibility for new disability benefit’ (Pulse)

‘Porthleven man Geoffrey Squibb: ‘Penalising disabled is not always the answer’ (This is Cornwall)

‘Blind people hit hard by benefits cuts’ (Isle of Man Today)

‘First evidence on overall impact of welfare reform across Britain’ (Sheffield Hallam University)

See also ‘Hitting The Poorest Places Hardest: The Local And Regional Impact Of Welfare Reform’ (Sheffield Hallam University)

And ‘Austerity Audit’ (Financial Times) which includes an interactive map, demonstrating which areas will be hit with maximum/minimal impact respectively.