“The revolution starts in the ATOS smoking area”

by richardhutton

Lengthy, but very good blog post about one social care worker’s efforts to help a drug rehab-service user gain disability living allowance. Possibly the key point:

I can barely believe the words I’m saying when I explain to people that it is perfectly possible to be declared “fit for work” by one arm of the DWP, whilst simultaneously deemed “unfit for work” by another, and thus shut out of any possible source of benefits.

It discusses the labyrinthine ESA/ATOS travails, and the fact that benefits are a vital lifeline for vulnerable people in difficult personal circumstances.

The author links to another personal account by Where’s the Benefit?, which discusses the same issue with equal insight.

See also a DLA Survey on Twitter, collating examples of what people actually spend their disability living allowance on, in response to Peter Oborne’s claim that it has been “for so long a charter for deceit and recipe for state-sponsored idleness”.

One tweet in particular: “When I’m unsafe with urges of suicide, I spend a lot of money on train fares to stay w various relatives to keep me safe”.