Workfare, as advertised by Jobcentre Online Northern Ireland

by richardhutton

“Youth Employment Scheme for 18 to 24 Year Olds (tell me more…)

Work Experience – Raw Meat Preparation Assistant – (Full-time / Temporary)

Job reference:1071079

Date notified:15/03/2013

Job location:Lurgan

Salary:Not Applicable


Worktime:25 hours per week (to be discussed at interview)

Age:18 and over

Closing date:05/04/2013

Pension type:Pension Not Available







Telephone: WITHHELD



Job Duties: This is an opportunity expected to last 4 weeks. Participants are expected to attend between 25 and 30 hours per week. To make the most of this opportunity applicants should have an interest in the food retail trade.

Qualifications / Experience: Participants will gain experience in the following employability skills – Teambuilding, communication, working on own initiative.

Application Method: This is a 4 week work placement under the Youth Employment Scheme. Contact an Adviser in your local Jobcentre/Jobs & Benefits Office.

If you are unemployed your local Jobs & Benefits Office can provide you with additional support. For assistance with your job interview visit Getting Started.

Other Information: Work experience is aimed at 18-24 year olds. Participants will retain their entitlement to benefit. Travel and childcare costs may be reimbursed.

Equality Statement: Depending on circumstances this opportunity may have potential to lead to a permanent vacancy”.

Four weeks, unpaid, for 25 hours each week in an unskilled job, with no training provided. Sanctions will apply.

JobCentre Online, NI. Accessed 19th March 2013.

(I can’t upload a screenprint – ’cause I’m an idiot with tech).