What is a housing lawyer? Or what is a social welfare lawyer?

by richardhutton

Really interesting and insightful piece about lawyers who provide support to vulnerable people through legal aid:

“We speak for the soldier who has been mutilated by war, and fight the letters that would take his benefits away. We fight the veteran’s rights no matter which side they fought for, on disability grounds.

We speak for disabled adults under 35 years of age who are racked by the room rent that slashes their Housing Benefit.  It is expected these “young” people will share accommodation with each other, but there are too few flats to share.
We speak for those on threshold benefits who must pay a new Poll Tax because Council Tax Benefit has been restructured.  £3 a week from someone on Income Support will become the norm. Where are the marches we saw in the 90’s?
We speak for the council tenant who raised a family in a two bed flat, whose wife dies, whose children moved away. He faces a bedroom tax on the spare room- yet there are no unoccupied one bedroom council flats that he can move to- if he moves to the private sector his Housing Benefit bill will be higher and we will all pay more”.