Unpaid Care And Sanctions.

by richardhutton

According to The Independent today:

“More than two million people in the UK have given up work to care for disabled, sick or elderly relatives and loved ones, according to a survey.

More than one in five of the adult population – 22 per cent – has seen their work affected by caring responsibilities, with an estimated 2.3 million leaving jobs to care for a loved one, an online poll for the charity Carers UK has shown”.

This is voluntary redundancy. Unpaid carers save the UK c. £119 billion per year.

Last October, the DWP announced that among it’s ridiculously harsh sanctions, the most punitive would be reserved for people who leave a job voluntarily; which will lead to claimants losing all of their unemployment support “for a fixed period of 13 weeks for a first failure, 26  weeks for a second failure and 156 weeks for a third and subsequent failure (within  a 52 week period of their last failure)”.

It’s worth considering how much misery this will lead to – but it’s equally important to consider how incoherent and ill-thought these policies really are.