Ian Lavery MP Questions David Cameron About A Suicide Following Benefit Cut

by richardhutton

Video of David Cameron, during Prime Minister’s Question Time, responding to a question asked by Ian Lavery:

I have in my hand a genuine suicide note from a constituent of mine who, sadly, took his own life after he was informed that he was no longer entitled to employment and support allowance and disability benefits. Across the UK, more than 1,000 people have died only months after being told to find work. This is 2012—we are supposed to be a civilised society. We should be looking after disabled citizens in the UK. Will the Prime Minister listen to the 62,000 people who have signed Pat’s petition and please finally order an assessment of all changes hitting disabled people in this country?

FullFact have a short piece analysing Cameron’s response, where he claimed that “the actual money that we are putting into disability benefits over the coming years is going up, not down”.

For the Parliamentary transcript, see: ‘Oral Answers to Questions’, House Of Commons, 19th Dec 2012 : Column 831.

See also ‘Benefits Cuts, suicides and deaths’ by PoliticsUK, 26th December 2012.