Three-Line Poems: IV. Winter – Spring

by richardhutton

Three-Line Poems

IV. Winter-Spring

Spring snow –
Swift to come,
Swift to go.

Spring coldness;
The snowdrops

The coolness
This spring morn;
The call of the crow.

Frost on the tip
Of the apple leaf;
The faint evening moon.

Spring chill;
The thin legs
Of the sparrow.

Evening dusk;
A bird flies darkly
From tree to tree.

Snow falling;
Cherry blossoms

In the coldness tonight –
Branches of
The cherry tree.

Evening chill;
The pear tree
In flower.

Spring beginning;
A calm sky
To look upon.

Bitter cold!
My hands are winter,

Bitter cold!
The crooked branch
Of the prunus.

Spring has arrived
In all its glory –
A faint pink sky.

Winter morn.
Frost remains in the shadow
Of the small tree.

A frosty winter morn.
The click
Of the deer antlers.

The crow shrugs off
The winter rain,
And squawks at its mate.

Bitter cold.
The goose has
A sharp tongue.

The spring wind.
A new hole
In my shoe.

Winter morn.
Still and silent
The pale white sky.

Bitter cold.
In the silence,
The winter moon.

The snow frozen;

Spring snow remaining
On the buds
Of the Crab apple.