Three-Line Poems: I. Spring – Summer.

by richardhutton

Three-Line Poems

I. Spring-Summer


For the heart that doubts not,
Petals of the blossom

The long spring day;
Blossoms have collected
In the wheel tracks.

A spring evening;
The Buddha statue –
What can it hear?

The thrush
Strikes its note
Across the evening.

The dead blackbird
With its eyes open;
The cherry blossom smells sweet.

Spring dusk;
A bat
Flits by.

Falling with
The pear blossom –
Droppings of the sparrow.

Cherry blossoms –
Neither looking upon them, nor looking away –
Passers by.

The thrush’s heart,
Is silent.

The stone Buddha
Has a fine ear
For silence.

The spring day;
The father sparrow
Is feeding his son.

Spring deepening;
The magpie alights
On the pear tree.

A spring evening;
The wind is still;
Blossom petals falling.

The spring evening;
Sitting quietly,
The rain is heard.

The crow –
It called
Across the eve.

Snowdrops withering,
Frogs croaking
In the spring rain.

Spring rain:
The frogs are mating
With sour faces.

The frog is sour of face –
Yet leaping –
Always leaping!

The sparrow-hawk
Kills in the pear tree,
Scattering blossom petals.

For his meal,
The sparrow bows his head;
He bows his head again.

Evening cool.
The dunnock singing
Amongst the pear blossoms.

The sparrow is one
Who eats his breakfast
Indifferent to the wisteria flowers.

Evening cool:
Wisteria leaves fall
One by one.

Evening chill;
Rain falling
Drop by drop.

Evening cold.
The apple blossoming;
A dunnock’s voice.

The beautiful child
And wipes her hand.

The small child

Shaking loose the blossom,
The blackbird alights
On the spring branch.

The blossom tree –
Its fragrance
Is white.

Spring dusk;
I hear the voice of the blackbird
Once more.

The cherry blossom –
Looking upon it,
Yet my heart wanders.

The frog looks
At the sparrows
With a sour face.

Even at my careless hand
The pear blossoms
Flutter down.

Evening quiet;
The sun set,
The wild geese departing.

The blackbird
Looks at me
With a bright eye.

Spring heat;
The swollen river
Swirls and eddies.

Evening cool;
Wisteria flowers falling
One by one.

A spring storm.
The pear blossom
Has nowhere to go.

Spring rain
Falling upon the apple,
Falling upon the mud.

The frog
Watches over its young
With a sour face

Early spring:
The swallow is at home
In the wind

The spawning frogs:
Tonight, these are
Croaks of pride!

The song of the blackbird;
Pear blossoms
Falling upon the path.

The blackbird finds its voice
Amongst the remaining
Cherry blossoms.

Early spring.
Through the rain
The song of the workmen.

Flowers of the lungwort;
The bee is drowsy
In the dampness.

Rain falling,
The day ending –
Spring drawing to a close.

The thin sparrow
Hops once,
Hops twice.