Step Out Into The Glittering World Of Hull: Fashion Tips From Guiseppe Rosselini.

by richardhutton

The View From Hull.


Be fabulous, with Guiseppe


Wesley from Beverley Westwood writes:

Dear Guiseppe,

To some it may seem trivial; to me it is a matter of gravest importance.
Belts may be thin, broad; lace, leather. Sometimes even buckled. Once I wore one which had tassles.
This is fine when young; but I’m moving onwards and upwards in the world. I’m not getting any younger, after all; and I’m travelling in more professional circles now. I’m also trying to squire with a higher class of broad. Now, don’t get me wrong – my taste is generally one of utmost gentility and refinement: in both belts and braces. But this is a whole new world for me. I’m completely at a loss. Is there a particular belt that will enhance my professional kudos? How can I put myself on the market and retain my mystique? What type of belt would you suggest?

Guiseppe: White

The glittering world of Hull

Amy from Bishop Burton writes:

Dear Guiseppe,

I know it’s a cliche, but I love shoes. I genuinely love them. But I work in a stable yard. Day after day I have to tramp through hay, ditch water, and, well, related materials. How can I look my best at work, and remain practical? Are sensible boots the only option? I’m desperate for your advice. 
Is it possible to mix manure and high fashion? What kind of boots would you recommend?

Guiseppe: Red

Guiseppe’s column has been discontinued by the editor, despite repeated promises that this would not happen again.