The View From Hull: Guiseppi’s ‘Wining and Dining’.

by richardhutton

Guiseppi’s Wining and Dining in Hull


In a brand-new column brought to you by The Mail our resident winer, Guiseppi Rossellini, answers your wine related questions (Guiseppi Rossellini is the Chief Wine Testee and co-owner of Guiseppi’s Wineagers).

Wining and dining (in Hull)


Karen in Hull writes,

Dear Guiseppi

I’m planning to host a dinner party for my work colleagues and my supervisor. I believe that a promotion may be in the offing, and could depend upon the impression I leave them with. I want something that says ‘this person is serious, but quirky, and easygoing; determined and sedulous, yet fun-loving and down-to-earth’. It’s difficult to find something that appeals to all pallets, especially when you don’t know people all that well, and I don’t want anyone to feel excluded, but I only have a limited budget. Please could you recommend a wine for me?

Guiseppi: Red.

Ben in Hull writes,

Dear Guiseppi

I’m looking for a wine ideal for a first date. Something that tells a woman what she can expect from me; something that reveals my innermost being implicitly: passionate, witty, egregiously charming, sophisticated, erudite and modest; while keeping any notion of commitment ambiguous and guaranteeing sexual satisfaction as standard. What would you recommend?

Guiseppi: White.


Guiseppi’s column has been discontinued at the discretion of the editor.

Red? White?