Doggerel: ‘The Kingston Upon Hull Railway’.

by richardhutton

From Strange Free World:

‘The Kingston upon Hull Railway
Where does it go?
It heads south to London
Or North to Glasgow.
Sometimes further, in one direction or another,
Perhaps East or even West.
Personally, we think the Hull to Sheffield line is the best
While the Leeds junction seems to satisfy the rest.
Passengers ride on the train
Or else it is freight.
The trains are usually on time
They are very rarely late.
At each junction
A signal is given
Which determines the direction in which the train is driven.
There is a train comes through
Thrice daily – it is true –
One at 9:15, another at 2:22,
And the other is variable,
But, still, it passes through.
The railway train-station
Sees trains in animation
Or static
As they begin to move
Or remain without motion
Or sidle in slow-motion
On the sidings of the railway station.
As the train travels the country
It passes cities and fields of corn;
But the width of Britain’s rail-tracks
Remains uniform.
Sometimes people ask:
‘Why does the train go clickety-clack?’
But we know the answer to that:
‘It’s because of the spacing of the track(s)’.
In conclusion we will say
None in the world
Beats the Kingston upon Hull Railway’.