Doggerel: ‘A Heart Grown Hard’.

by richardhutton

From Strange Free World:

A heart grown hard,
Made warm by cold metals;
A white snow-falling
Bestrewn with red petals.
Tears that descend
Amidst wished eyelashes;
With bittersweet kisses
And strawberry gashes.
As flowers which fan their fresh blossoms out;
Which seeking the sunlight find nothing about –
Save the stars, that glisten so distant and chill,
Brought close by the frost, that lingers until
The blossoms fall down in a hurry, a flurry,
Pressing upon them without the least worry.
Never meet with a glance, wane all the long night;
Wither untouched by the softest of light.
Love and desire,
My burning is true.
I will save my ashes for you.